Put Patient Care, Compliance Tools in Staff's Pockets

Healthcare institutions are under pressure to streamline processes and reduce costs without negatively impacting patient care or risking non-compliance. Portable, lightweight scanners provide efficient and cost effective support for best practices in patient service. Spark helps healthcare providers:

  • Track pharmaceuticals
  • Monitor healthcare equipment status, location, maintenance needs
  • Individually identify patients
  • Personalize patient services
  • Improve the bottom line

RFID wristbands for patients or tags on equipment and supplies can be easily scanned by staff to secure prescription, provide pertinent case history, access patient files, monitor testing and treatments, verify specimen routing, and confirm the right people are getting the intended attention and care. Mobile scanning technology can also help eliminate the fear of dementia patients wandering into dangerous areas, locate patients when they are away from their rooms, and ensure infants are safe from abduction.

  • Easy-to-use, mobile-based UHF and 1D/2D scanner
  • Rapid identifications
  • Improved patient care
  • Supports improved accuracy
  • Long-distance scanning

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