Ready Tracking for Vehicle Maintenance

Car mechanics deal with hundreds of cars monthly. It can be challenging to keep up the paperwork for all of the necessary parts, maintenance requirements, and vehicle history records. Take away the need to process everything manually with Spark providing:

  • Automated vehicle tracking
  • Efficient data storage and backup
  • Easy access to relevant vehicle information
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Keep track of each individual vehicle with Spark providing easy RFID tag scanning for each car, truck, cycle, bus, or boat. Mechanics can carry a pocket-sized, fast scanner with them to find out more about manufacturer warranties, recalls, vehicle production date, maintenance history, and part availability. Since each ID is unique, the system supports preventive maintenance, part replacement plans, and overall vehicle longevity efforts.

  • Easy-to-use, mobile-based UHF and 1D/2D scanner
  • Rapid identification and inventory awareness
  • Efficient part tagging and tracking
  • Mobile access to relevant vehicle, manufacturer, recall data
  • Long-distance scanning

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