Add Efficiency, Accuracy to Warehouse Management

The warehouse is the bustling nerve center of the commercial operation. Moving, tracking, and storing huge volumes of inventory quickly and efficiently is critical to success. Designed to work with all major smart devices, Spark helps any warehouse system:

  • Boost efficiency and accuracy
  • Meet supply chain goals
  • Improve the bottom line

Spark RFID and barcode scanners are rugged enough for even the busiest warehouse environments. Connecting through Bluetooth with any technician’s smart phone or tablet, this portable, mobile scanner provides real-time access. Give accurate, up-to-date information for workers unloading merchandise from the trucks, on loading docks, or moving product out onto the floor.

  • Easy-to-use, mobile-based UHF and 1D/2D scanner.
  • Rapid identifications.
  • Long-distance scanning (even through packaging to save time spent opening each box).

See What Spark Can Do For You.

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